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I recently mentioned my own desire to do a zine, but earlier today I ran across this and decided it needed reposting here. newstreetyeah posted the following in the livejournal community zine_scene:

Seeking Submissions for Female Masturbation Zine!

Hello everyone. I suppose the first thing I should do before I go into request/consideration for submissions for my upcoming zine is to introduce myself. My name is Jackie. I am a 26 year old fat queer woman who is a Midwestern girl through and through. I grew up in a tiny town in Wisconsin and went to Catholic school my whole life until I went to college. I went for Women’s Studies, Literature in Translation (Norwegian) and LGBT Studies. Obviously if you want to know more about me I am absolutely more than willing to tell you.

I am in the process of starting a zine titled Euphoria: Women in a Climaxing World. It will deal solely with women and masturbation. I want any woman identified woman to give me a short (yet detailed) description of what masturbation does for them, how important it is to their daily life and perhaps what turns them on. I do not want women to feel embarrassed by what they find erotic and by what their fantasies are. This zine is intended for a women audience and it is meant to be a reader for all women who love masturbation and love their bodies.

Another portion of the zine that you are encouraged to participate in but it is definitely not required is a photo of yourself. It could be anything from a picture of you just after masturbating to one just hanging out with your friends or with your family at the zoo! I know for some people you’d rather just be anonymous and not have anyone know what you look like and I totally respect that. I would just encourage you to get over that barrier of being a faceless masturbator and be loud and proud! That is exactly what this zine is about.

What I’m looking for: any women and women identified women. I encourage queer and straight (and anything in between!) women to submit of course. I want a nice cross section of everyone. I want trans people and older women and fat women and thin women and indian women and anyone else under the woman identified woman spectrum. I don’t want to be the judge of who identifies as a woman or not because that is not my place. And I don‘t want to offend anyone, that is not my intention here.

I’d love a cross-section of the country and outside of the United States. I want you to know that I’m a real person and not a creepy person trying to get girls to submit personal moments/pictures of them. To prove it, I have a very active Livejournal and a Myspace with lots of real life friends (haha) and I’m a normal raging feminist who just wants to put out the good word of female masturbation.

If you are interested please contact me at any of the following places. Just let me know if you are interested and once I have a solid group of women put together, I will let you know what the steps are from there. Please only respond if you are really interested. Thank you and I hope to hear from a lot of you!

Here is my contact info and please if you have suggestions of where else I should post about this, I’d be thrilled. Thank you!

Livejournal: this journal I’m posting in and a community for the zine, look up euphoria_zine and you are there! And feel free to add my personal journal to yours too.
Facebook: Look under Jackie Katers and I’ll be there!

Thanks again!

PS – If there are people who have submitted in the past (since this has taken longer than expected to get off the ground), please contact me! I’ve kept everything I have received. : )

Please contact Jackie if you’re interested in contributing.


Elizabeth and I are on! Go check it out!







The Pleasurists

My previous post reviewing the Hitachi Magic Wand has been reposted in the most recent Pleasurists Round-Up.

Pleasurists is a weekly round-up of sex posts specifically reviewing various adult products. I find that hearing about others’ experiences with toys serves multiple purposes: I get a wide variety of opinions on products I may buy, I get educated on the diversity of sexual responses bodies have to various stimuli, and it’s just plain hot. There’s some great information to be had here, so be sure and subscribe to this wonderful resource.


Scarlet Lotus has posted a fantastic piece at The Femmeinist Fucktoy entitled Kinky vs. Queer vs. Straight Sex

So what’s the big difference between queer sex and straight sex? Aside from the usual definition of the sex of the partners (but that also brings into question is it the sex or the gender that matters?) it’s subtle, and may have a lot to do with intention. Can queer hetero sex include missionary sex? I say of course! The wonderful thing about the orbit(/label) queer is that it is very open to interpretation.

Most often the participants of queer sex are queer people, but that brings into the question of what makes someone a queer person. I’d argue that anyone outside of the norm of society is queer in some way, although not everyone would see it that same way. Queer is an important label for same-sex/gender-loving people to embrace, definitely, but I also think queer moves beyond that label as well.

If we define queer as what it’s not, meaning not normal, just about everyone would be able to be labeled queer. I’m not sure if I’ve ever met a normal person in my life, society perpetuates this idea of normalcy, but that doesn’t mean it exists anywhere, and usually those who think they are normal would not be considered normal by others, so where does that leave us?

Seriously, just go read the whole thing.

I ended up leaving a rather long response to the post, and I think it bears reposting here with some modifications.

Despite my rather interesting relationship to gender, and my kinks, I’ve never been comfortable claiming the word “queer” for myself. I’ve always been too worried that if I identified with it I’d be appropriating, or at least stepping on the toes of those who have claimed that word before. After all, I’m sexually attracted to women nearly exclusively. Even with the pink hair I pretty much look like a dude. I’d worry that by declaring myself queer I’d be cheapening the shit other people have had to deal with. My shit’s something else, and I don’t want to feel like I’m claiming something that’s not mine. And, well, I don’t want to say I’m queer then have to explain to people that, no, I mean something different by that. I understand “queer” as an invitation to dialogue, but it’s not something I think would work for me.

At the same time, however, I want a banner under which gender and sexual outsiders can gather, and “queer” seems poised to be that. I identify with what I’ve learned of queer theory and gender theory. I rally behind anti-assimilationist queers and Gay Shame and Bash Back (if only in my mind). I want to see more people for whom sexuality is deliberately a central part of life, and that seems to be a common thread in the type of queer with which I identify. It’s deliberate. It recognizes that there’s something broken in our culture, and wants to stand apart from it. That’s the queer I’m looking for. It’s not sponsored by Anheuser-Busch. It’s not the nice professional gay couple in the suburbs who are “just like you.” It’s not any sort of veneer of the normalcy of which Scarlet Lotus wrote. But I feel like I don’t have the right to make those distinctions, because I don’t feel like the word belongs to me.

But we just bought my partner her first cock, and we’re looking forward to getting to know it better. I’ve complained elsewhere about the association between pegging and Femdom, and we don’t plan to fall into the prescribed roles of power exchange between penetrator and penetrated. We’re deliberately challenging both the norms of sex and the norms of non-normal sex. That feels pretty damn queer.

She asks “Is anything you do really only kinky the first time, because after you do it that desensitizes you to it, making you think less of the kink factor of it and more of the enjoyment of it?” I don’t think that kinky sex gets less kinky. I think it can for those who don’t feel that kink is an integral part of their sexuality (like those who use blindfolds and handcuffs as “spice” or who just think it’s fun to be “naughty”), but I find that going deeper and deeper into my sexuality doesn’t mean I get more kinky, but that my kinks go deeper, and I’m more infused by them.

I don’t know how much of my sex is queer or kinky. I think kink is present even in my most vanilla looking sex in the subtleties of power exchange, the slight uses of pain.

I do wonder about the flipside, can sex between people of the same gender or sex be (relatively) non-queer? If it lacks deliberateness. If it seeks to approximate normalcy. If it’s driven by fears of sex. I can’t answer that, but it’s something to wonder about.

Finding connections

I wonder if others would find it odd that my attitudes toward sex work often relate to my experiences as a janitor. I’ve drawn parallels before between people saying that prostitutes sell their bodies and the wear and tear on my own body doing manual labor. Mine was my back, not my dick, but so what. Earlier today I was talking with the woman that cleans the building where I work. We’ve had big events in here the last couple of days, one of which brought the campus bigwigs over to our humble facility. Because of these, she’s been busting her ass not only getting the place clean, but dealing with authority figures constantly sticking their noses in to tell her what hasn’t been done right. I told her that the college where I worked that we weren’t even supposed to be seen if there was something like a board meeting going on. Oh, we had to have the place spotless for the bigwigs, but god forbid they have to actually see the poor people who wipe their asses for them.

So then this afternoon, with this still on my mind, Ren writes this:

Prop K did not making trafficking legal. Prop K did not make the sexual abuse, rape, or exploitation of minors legal. Those things are and would have remained illegal. Prop K would not have ended sex worker outreach or exit programs. Yet those were the arguments you used to shoot down Prop K. You worried about your precious neighborhoods, which apparently mean more to you than the lives of sex workers and prostituted people. You used the lives and stories of the very people you then threw to the lions to make your case and defeat something that would have meant so much to all of us, even those of us who live in places where things like Prop K are just a fanciful dream.

Your exit programs and assistance- for those who even want such things- includes arrests, jail time and criminal records, which are so helpful when trying to find a legitimate job. Your concern includes relegating these people to the shadows, after all, if you don’t see them in your little neighborhoods they don’t exist, right? Your vote has insured these people do not have the same rights and protections that you do; they do not have the same status as human beings as you do.

Yeah, my experiences didn’t involve the same level of danger or of dehumanization. But I know all about being told you don’t matter. I know about being forced into invisibility until someone wants something from you. Why does this matter so much to me? Because if those experiences affected me so much without the threat of attack, or rape and murder, then how much more so can they affect those who San Francisco just threw under a bus in the name of property values?

Sasha Grey

I’ve only recently become familiar with porn star Sasha Grey, at least as far as I knew (I actually saw her on Tyra Banks’ show some time ago). Someone posted a photo of her on a message board I frequent and I had to look her up. I found her series of video diaries on YouTube and found myself intrigued. Then today, thanks to Violet Blue I found a series of videos of her being interviewed while being photographed by Richard Kern. Now I find myself a bit smitten.

Videos behind the fold.
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MonoPoly – The New FetLife Group!

Those who hang out at the BDSM lifestyle community FetLife – especially those who frequent any of the (segregated) poly and mono communities – might know that there was some cross-conversation happening there recently between those camps. While asking questions of each other and getting answers from the horse’s mouth can be a great thing, the tone was pretty adversarial most of the time. Nevertheless, some of us who value and live in the space that connects mono and poly found unexpected allies and comrades popping up.

So, time for a new space to hang out! If you’re on Fetlife and the description below interests you, get in on the ground floor of this exciting endeavor. 🙂

MonoPoly – The New Game!
Do you frequent the space between mono and poly? Are you poly with mono partners or mono with a poly partner? Do you identify as somewhere in the middle? Interested in learning and exploring this uncharted territory? This is a space for those who desire to strengthen the bonds between people of various relational or commitment orientations and make connections across that spectrum.

Have I Mentioned I Luuurrve Me Some Burlesque?

Ahhh, the sequins and shiny fabric I would never wear in any other circumstance. The old school high heels. The yummy curves of a boob with the nipple hidden away in plain sight. The smiles, the humor, the fun. I heart burlesque. A lot.

That’s why this calendar looks positively delicious.

The New York City Sexbloggers 2009 Calendar will benefit Audacia Ray’s Sex Work Awareness Project, and will provide you with much gorgeous eye candy. If you’d like to buy a day, head to the calendar link and take a look. You could name your blog! Or give a personal message to commemorate the day! Lots of possibilities. And don’t forget to buy yourself a copy of the calendar. This promises to be a fabulous set of photos.

Big Momma by Altered Aperture (

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The Butt Bandit of Valentine

Always remember which body parts are ok to build a town around, and which ones aren’t!

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