We are mid-move. A lot of my worldly stuff, and Gabe’s, is here in this house where my bed currently is. But a considerable portion of it has moved to its new home, the house that my metamour Kristi owns. The house that will soon be our home, all of us.

And there’s processes to figure out, and things to decide. Where do we put the furniture? What do we move next? What kind of move is it – do we just want to get it done, or do we have time to sort and get those elusive piles of junk winnowed down? What new items do we need? And where, in the blossoming shopping lists, is the room for our varying commitments to simple living, or DIY, or whatever each of us calls these things? What decisions do we make together? What decisions can be made unilaterally? How many what-ifs are a productive part of planning, and how many what-ifs really, REALLY need to go die in a fire? How do we bring our varying coping mechanisms together, so we live authentically and nourishingly through good days and bad days?

Part of the silence of this blog over the last year has been a lack of words, and a lack of answers, through a lot of change. I certainly don’t have any more of the latter now. But maybe it’s time to take a gamble on a few more of the former. Our family is getting much more complex. And naming things, even if the words are hasty and/or inaccurate, will become more and more important. I hear echoes of the challenges that friends have when they have kids. We are now an intimate family of more than two, and that’s a whole different world than coupled intimacy. I will not say that polyamory is the “grad school” of relationships, because that’s a load of horseshit. But I will call polyamory the “director’s cut” of the film. You get MORE of it all… a lot more. More need for scheduling. More support. More sound. More need for conversations. More intentionality. More spontaneity. More changes in plans. And that’s just what I know of so far.

My brain’s already feeling the short-circuiting of a learning curve shooting up like a rocket. As an old mentor would say, “Time for another fucking learning experience!” It’s time for more Big Scary Wonderful. And I won’t always have the time for the thrice-reflected on, nearly sermon-type writing that I’ve done before in this venue. Perhaps this place will resemble more of an unfinished journal than it already did. But it is my hope that we will all have more energy, and more camerapersons, available for this space. It’s important to me.


One year of Pornocracy. One year of living together.

One year of making a home ours. One year of learning each other in new ways.

One year of a sex life under the same roof. Things are new… and familiar. Intense and relaxed. Adventurous and real and fantastic and nurturing and cozy.

You may notice some changes around here soon. We have a big redesign planned, and some new content in the works for Pornocracy 2.0. We will revamp our links list. We’re opening the door to tell you about good friends of ours with unique gifts. We’ll be looking for ways to communicate the deep changes we find in ourselves these days.

We are also ending our reviewing relationship with Babeland. They are a fantastic store. But we feel a bit of a disconnect with reviewing toys on our site. We’ll talk more about this, and about where we see Pornocracy’s values and goals heading from here.

One year. One year of blessings and sex and joy and spirit. Thank you for spending some of your year with us.


Gabe and Elizabeth

Driving Home

“Are you warm enough?” I asked her. After several days of highs around 80°F it had suddenly dropped into the 30s and we were trying to get home before it got even colder. With the heater blaring in the car she answered in the affirmative.

“Good,” I replied. “Take your pants down to your knee.”

She bit her bottom lip in the cutest way and shuffled herself far enough off the seat to slide her khakis out of the way.

“Underwear too.”

She complied as I took the first two fingers of my right hand into my mouth, keeping the left on the steering wheel. I reached my hand down between her thighs, then told her to move her pants further down. She did and I spread her legs further apart. I slipped the damp fingers between her lips to find them damp as well. I touched her as gently as I could manage at the awkward angle, sliding them up and down, waiting for the familiar breakthrough of wetness. She began rocking so that my fingers were closer to her clit. I’m not the most perceptive lover in the world, but I was pretty sure I knew what that meant. I begin to circle around her clit, not wanting to put too much pressure on it so early. I was surprised at what I found.

“Your clit is already hard!”

She just breathed, “Mmm hmmm” as my fingers zeroed in on it, moving in fast circles.

We pulled up to a traffic light and stopped. She squeaked when she looked around. “All these people right there!” she exclaimed before moaning and pressing harder into me. I joked about needing to find an SUV who could see down into here better and she just moaned.

“Or a semi,” I continued, turning onto a darker side street. “Maybe we should just go find a truck stop and give those guys a show. They’d appreciate it. You feel like sucking some strangers’ cocks tonight?”

She didn’t say anything, just let out another of her adorable squeaks.

“You’re not answering me. You’ve got 5 se…”

“No.” The word came out like a moan. “No, not tonight.”

Her back was pressed into the seat into which she had sunk. My fingers continued making circles around her clit. We pulled up at the next light, this one always seemingly taking forever to change. It was there that her breaths turned to grunts which got faster and higher pitched. She thrashed in her seat, coming about a mile an a half from where we started. I was impressed. I was also thankful, as the strain on my arm was getting considerable.

We pulled through the now green light and my hand rested on her bare thigh while she breathed heavily, recovering from her orgasm. When she sounded calmed I ask her if she had recovered. When she said she had I gave her instructions.

“Good. You are to use at least two fingers to fuck yourself, hard and fast.”

She did as commanded. She was vigorous, hand rocking back and forth, fingers sliding in and out. We were still on dark roads, but as we pulled out onto a major, well lit thoroughfare she started moaning and writhing more. She’s such an exhibitionist. We pulled back into the dark and I kept glancing down to see her hand moving. I asked her how many finger she was using. “Two,” was the reply, so I told her to add another, and gently rock her hand back and forth. She did, using her other hand to help.

“Now, I want you to come for me again before we get home. If you do that then I’ll let you pull your pants back up before you go in the house.”

“I don’t know if I can do that,” she said, sounding excited and nervous.

“Well then, you’d better start trying.”

She did. I couldn’t see what she was doing to herself, but within mere minutes she was screaming, climaxing for me as I’d instructed.

A few minutes of silence passed, filled only with her breathing before I muttered, “Damn.”

She let out a soft, breathy, “Hmmmm.”

As we approached the house I said I was going to take her in the house, bend her over the end of the couch and fuck her. She protested, saying she needed the bathroom and we had to put away groceries. We pulled into the driveway and she began covering her flesh again.

“Fine, when I stop the car you go inside to the bathroom. I’ll grab as many bags as I can and bring them in. You’d better be done and ready to fuck by then. If not I’m going to drag you off the toilet and fuck you anyway.”

She ran toward the door, and by the time I had the trunk of the car open she was gone. I set the bags down in the kitchen as she emerged from the bathroom. She leaned over the arm of the couch, pants around her ankles, her bare ass in the air. I unbuttoned and unzipped my fly and plunged my cock inside her. She bent her knees a bit and rested across the arm and I grabbed her hair and fucked her. Before long I pulled out and told her to go to the bed and hang her head off the edge. I was going to fuck her face.

She was still wasting no time, and was in position by the time I got to the bed. Still, I paused to undress, giving her a moment to get comfortable. Her head hung backward off the bed and she licked her lips and opened her mouth wide. I pushed all the way into her throat until I heard her start to choke, then pulled back out. I repeated this several times, and each time she held my cock in her longer. I pulled back and began fucking her mouth with faster, shorter strokes. Still, I didn’t want to come down her throat like I’d told her earlier. I wanted to fuck her.

I walked around to the other side of the bed and knelt between her legs. I slipped my arms under them and pulled her up all the way on to the bed. With her legs held high I slipped easily into her. After checking to make sure she was okay (I can easily bottom out in her in that position, leaving her rather sore) I didn’t hold anything back. I wanted to fuck her. I wanted to come in her. I did both those things.

After catching my breath I pulled myself up and began to get dressed. There were still groceries to bring in, after all. The dry fabric of my clothes only made the wetness of my cock, balls and everything adjacent even more obvious. While some of that certainly came from me, I feel pretty sure that she had enjoyed that thoroughly.

I’m so thankful for all the ways that she trusts me and for all the ways that she follows my instruction. I’m thankful for her inner slut (and its forays into being an outer slut). I’m thankful for the gorgeous flesh that she loves to display as much as I do. And I’m thankful that she’s mine. That every inch of her is mine as I am hers.

A Long Weekend of Sacred Partying for Mardi Gras

After a weekend of debauchery we are thoroughly debauched. Yup, completely out of bauch. We are bauchless. So many truly delightful things.

Saturday Gabe and I pursued some casual sex play with a trusted friend. This occurred very quickly after me learning how to invite said trusted friend into such activity. Go me for broaching the subject! After a lovely day hanging out in New Orleans, visiting Cafe Du Monde and Bourbon St, the three of us headed to Jasmine (a swingers’ club in NOLA) and had a fabulous time. Experiencing that kind of pleasure with somebody outside a relationship was new for me, and intensely enjoyable. He’s a lovely, lovely man, and Gabe watching me go down on him, or having him in my mouth while Gabe fucks me from behind, or getting fucked by both of them in quick succession… all of these things are WIN all around. 🙂

Also, we took Gabe’s girlfriend RedAugust to the sex club Sunday night. It was her first time, so the fact that the place was nearly dead actually came in really handy. We sat in the dungeon with the DM for some time, chatting and having a really interesting conversation. Gabe and I did some very lighthearted sensation exploration with some very intriguing, borrowed faux leather floggers. Then the three of us headed to “the board room” (the big group sex room) and used the mattresses there to our advantage. Gabe got his first tandem blow job, and certainly seemed satisfied with the experience.

It was really neat to have such different enjoyable experiences at the club so close to each other. Saturday, it was Gabe and I with a hot, sweet guy with very male energy, so I was deep in femme mode and a bit wired. Sunday night was with Gabe and RedAugust — we’re all in a committed relationship, so the vibe is more laid back, and we all had various stages of butchness/androgyny in our styles that night. Both were authentic, and both lead to very different physical sensations somehow… or at least a different mental filters for the sensations.

I’m also pleased about the fact that for so much of the weekend, I’ve pushed my envelope in loving ways, and stayed in a very sacred, engaged place. I’ve had new experiences, and immediately connected with the joy involved in them, which can be a very challenging act for me. This makes me happy.

We learned one practical element – we tried our first flavored lube, when I went down on our guy friend. I chose it for being the least expensive type of flavored lube at the Hustler store on Bourbon St that wasn’t pineapple flavored, which sounded like it could get sharp really quickly. Comfort Personal Lubricant is $9.99 for 4 ounces, and ours was Kiwi Strawberry flavored. It’s a pleasant enough flavor and came in handy when using a condom for oral sex – both to improve the flavor of the condom and for extra lube when working with the latex. It also came in handy earlier today when Gabe jacked off and I caught the good stuff in my mouth. The incidental flavor of his kiwi lube was better than Astroglide.

So, we’ve pretty much been resting ever since the weekend! Perhaps some more slutty endurance-building activities are in order. Hey, maybe that will be our Lenten practice. 🙂

I’m Monoromantic, But Still a Slut :-)

I feel as though Gabe and I have entered into another stage of things for us. First, there was a calf-ripping uphill climb of work to do, as we started and built our framework from scratch. Then, there was a long pleasant plateau. Gabe continued dating a sweetheart, and he and I bonded more and got settled in and decided what to do with our furniture.

Now is chapter 3… discovering where our desires and boundaries are around sexual activity with others, together. It involves more work again, and more proximity to old triggers… but it’s much more laid back, less panic-ridden than the previous work. It’s also interwoven with a lot more fun, more of a sense of security, and we stand on a previously built foundation of shared understanding and trust.

We’re exploring a variety of situations… from relational to anonymous, from voyeurism to hands-on threesomes. We have lots of conversations about trying on and guessing and wondering and hypothetical situations; though one can never fully know until a situation arises, these exploratory conversations are important.

I enjoy the idea of sharing specific details here, but one of the things stopping me is that I find it much more difficult to translate these experiences into words. There’s so many new levels of input coming in! I’m progressing on using all my new senses, though, and I know Gabe has some things he’s writing. We’ll probably manage something posted on it soon. I know you’ll be hearing more about the Jasmine Club in NOLA. We visited Friday night, and had a truly fabulous time.




It’s a beautiful, absolutely beautiful night here. There’s an almost-full moon, and the sky is clear and full of stars, except for some little wisps of softness floating by here and there. And the trees near our house have the most gorgeous silhouette against the sky. And the earth feels firm and friendly underneath us.

And… and it’s dreamy and… really dreamy and…



Happy (Half Naked) New Year

Elizabeth and I wish you all the most blessed and sexy of years in 2009. We started ours off with our first visit to a swing club. This one was an off-premises club, and we had a grand time ogling all the sexiness (and maybe being ogled a bit ourselves) and dancing the night away. Turns out after all these years of not dancing at all that I really, really enjoy it with Elizabeth. She does make me fearless at times.

We did get our picture taken by one of the staff members, so here’s us, ringing in the new year.

Of course, we had to take a few pics when we were back by ourselves in the hotel as well. We think you’ll enjoy.

Coming Home (the movie)

I appreciate the feedback I got recently on releasing the video of our road trip from Ohio to Louisiana. I’ve found a solution, and now you can download the video for yourselves using your favorite Bittorrent client (if you have no favorite, I suggest µTorrent).

The file is a 614MB mpg, and is 1hr 10min long. At the moment I’m seeding all by my lonesome, so forgive the slow speeds.

We’ve got screenshots here if you’d like to preview before downloading.

I have to say, though, that this isn’t free. If you want to download this home movie of ours, you simply must agree to leave us some feedback here.

Okay, enough with the rambling. DOWNLOAD THE TORRENT!

EDIT: It’s also now available at Empornium.

Coming Home Porn

So back in May I went up to get Elizabeth and drag her back here to live with me. Along the way (and once we got home) we recorded over an hour of footage of us fooling around, talking, flashing and fucking. I’ve never sat down to edit it, though. Last time I posted porn, I had to cut it up into 10-minute chunks so the filesize was small enough for yuvutu. This time though, it’s just so fucking beautiful as a whole! I don’t want to break it all up. I’m thinking instead I’ll release it as a torrent on Empornium or PureTnA. Maybe edit a highlight reel to post for a streaming preview. Of course the last scene includes ageplay and spanking, so I don’t know if other sites would want to host it anyway.

What do y’all think of this plan? Would you download the torrent? Can you think of any other effective ways to distribute the best porn Elizabeth and I have ever made?

Drive By Posting

Oh dear. We’ve been bad sex bloggers. Between hurricanes and head colds, new class schedules and nasty flashbacks, we have been worn out and not our usual postfiend selves.

This is the perfect time for a game called “I could tell you about…”. That’s where I tell you what I could tell you, if I had the opportunity to tell you. I could tell you about the time my libido was low, and Gabe was a sweetheart, and I had a sexual epiphany. I could tell you about several new positions we’ve tried. I could tell you about the stars in our bedroom. I could tell you about Gabe’s pink hair (actually, I’ll probably show you that soon). I could tell you about the table I’m going to get. I could tell you about Tacit’s awesome interactive sex map… oh wait, I think I just did. I could tell you about the awesome Halloween that’s coming. I could tell you about NaNoWriMo. I could tell you about some amazing sex… from light and airy to dark and thick, from sweet to savory, from lazy to feral, from laid-back to acrobatic. Two lives create some wild and precious moments.

So this is a short hi to check in with y’all… how are you? How are things going? We’ve got photos and video that we still haven’t shared, and we’ve got more to make. Oh, and there’s certainly a Naked Blog Boy Roundup to be had. We’ll have more to post soon. We promise.

Hugs and kisses.