The Flexi Felix – Best. Pet. Evar.

From first seeing Fun Factory’s Flexi Felix we were pretty sure we’d have to have one of our very own, so when Babeland gave us a chance to write a review we had to jump on that. Everything about Fun Factory is just amazing to begin with (at this point we have three of their toys, including Felix). The effort that they put into design just astounds me, and the design doesn’t stop at the toys! Even the box that Felix came in was cute, and had a magnet-closure fold out panel with a diagram and information about Felix in several languages.

Felix comes in several colors, and even without asking we got pink. Of course, I’ve not shown y’all my hair in the last month, so you may not know my affinity for the color. Flexi Felix is made from a very smooth, silky feeling silicone, and true to his name is quite flexible. The beads are quite firm, but not without give, and tapered at each end. His smiling face is not just adorable, but functional. His eyes provide a very functional and easy to use handle.

When we first decided to try playing with Felix I suggested that Elizabeth climb on top of me in reverse cowgirl. Shockingly, she seemed rather agreeable to that idea. Once astride with my cock nestled nicely inside her, she leaned forward. I began to lube up the beads for insertion. Now, we rarely use silicone lube anyway, but this seems a good place to remind you not to use silicone lube with silicone toys! It will cause the toy to break down. For anal play we generally use Astroglide Gel, which is water based and thick enough to generally stay where you put it, and that’s what we used for Felix. I was impressed by how little lube it took to get him slick enough for entry. The silkiness of the surface of the silicone was nearly enough on it’s own! With the first bead nice and slick with gel I pressed it against her ass and it slipped right in. The tapered shape of the beads really does make putting them in a snap. With rest periods between each bead, we eventually worked all five beads into her. She certainly seemed to enjoy the sensations, but I’ll let her tell you about that.

Pulling the toy out was fun too (once I got over feeling bad for sticking my fingers through the poor guy’s eyes)! The stretchiness of the silicon really came into play when she clamped down on it as I pulled Felix away from her. Each bead just popped out before she’d clamp down again, holding on to the next one.

But you’re probably more interested in feeling what it was like from her perspective. Elizabeth?

The beads feel amazing. In comparison to the butt plugs or butt dildos I’d used, the beads provide a broader set of sensations. They still give that sensation of fullness when still, or when the largest part of the beads are being pushed in or pulled out. But as the circumference expands and contracts with each bead coming in or out, the muscle around my anus gets massaged from the inside, sending delightful pulses of electricity up the back half of my body.

Having the beads in my ass and Gabe’s cock in my pussy amplifies the sense of fullness; oh, it’s just amazing. And even when the beads are still, they amplify the feeling of being thrust into. While I was in reverse cowgirl, I was moving my hips through multiple angles, all of which grasped the beads a bit differently, and massaged different spots. My back, neck and head often buzzed with excitement.

We’ve also used the beads in me while Gabe was on top, and the whole body experience is intense. Gabe has my front half engaged, and the beads send ripples up and down my back. Coming that way is mind-blowing.

I have also now had the deep pleasure of inserting the beads into Gabe. Oh my. Gabe leaned back and played with his cock for a few seconds, while I lubed up Felix and inserted some lube into Gabe. I knew he’s had quite a bit of experience with butt plugs… but I knew from my experience with the beads that this is a bit more intense. So I took some time massaging his anus and perineum, and he took some some time to breathe and relax. I took my cues from him and inserted the beads slowly, one at a time, while he got used to them and decided how much sensation he wanted.

I love spending time between Gabe’s legs, and this was a whole new way to do it. It is something to learn and feel out, when one is first thrusting a toy into a lover. Learning where my leaning in is comfortable for him… being able to focus on his reactions to the pleasure… being able to caress his inner thighs, and play with his cock and his balls (when he said it would be okay)… just enjoying the view, it was all delicious. Felix has a great feel, in the ass and in my hands. But Gabe can say more about his experience on that end of Felix…

Like she said, I’ve used plugs before, and I’ve used a small vibrator a time or two as well (disclaimer: do NOT do that if your vibe doesn’t have a flared base), but Felix is completely different. With the plugs the tapering allows you to slowly open up to the toy. The beads on Felix don’t allow for that. They do offer plenty of variance in sensation with each bead being slightly bigger than the last and then returning to the narrow connections between them. When Elizabeth began to push the first bead into me she did so slowly, and the shape and the texture felt great. Even though I’d taken the time to relax the strength of the sensations caused me to try to clamp down on the bead before it was far enough in and I squeezed it back out. I relaxed again and she slipped the first bead into me. She took her time and I just laid there and let myself feel. As she pushed in consecutive beads I think my eyes may have bugged out a bit at their widest points, but that feeling of being stretched immediately before being able to clamp down on the next narrow section was amazing. Felix has five beads, and I was able to take four that first night. The tapering of the beads does make for some very easy insertion and some delightful sensations, but I also felt that with four of them inside the first one was just poking me somewhat uncomfortably. Had it been more rounded than it is I think it would have felt more pleasant.

Having the beads pulled back out is just as enjoyable as having them put in. They can be eased out while I’m relaxed or tugged on while I’m gripping them. Each has its own set of sensations. Again the tapering aids their movement.

I’ve since played with the beads by myself, and was able to take all five of them. Felix is an excellent toy for masturbation. Not only do you get stimulation of the 10 bazillion nerve endings of the anus, but being able to clamp those muscles down on something while jacking off (and especially while coming) feels absolutely delightful. The pressure and fullness they give feels just right to me, and when I came with them in me it was intense.

Flexi Felix now hangs above our bed for easy access whenever we might want to play with him. Sure, the toy bag is just at the foot of the bed, but this little guy is so delightful that we didn’t want to have to go that far to get him. The only other thing we make sure to keep that handy is lube. He’s that good. If you like some fun anal play, head over to Babeland and get yourself one. Then send us pictures. 😉

Shelter After The Storm

He moved toward the bed and asked what I was in the mood for. As I spread my legs to make room for him, he laughed and said, “That’s a clear signal.”

Truth be told, I wasn’t sure yet what I really wanted. The first thing I knew was, “I want to touch you.”

He smiled, and sat with my legs wrapped around him. He moved his hands slowly up my legs, then took one thigh in both hands, stroking up and down. He pressed my leg straight in the air (or as close as I can get) and ran the tips of his fingers up and down my hamstrings. I smiled and sighed. He kissed and nibbled the back of my knee, because he knew it would make me giggle.

As he moved his hands back my thighs, I sighed again.

“Wow, I’m really not in my body.”

“How can you tell?”

“Because it feels really good when you do that, and I think, ‘Oh, my thighs feel good. I should be in them.’ I can tell because it’s taking me a while to get there to where you are.”

We sat there kissing, and I started stroking him. It didn’t take long until I was at his cock… I just find it so amazing and delicious, at every texture it’s possible for it to make.

After a few minutes of playing with it with my palm, and then my fingertips, I whispered in his ear. “It’s so wonderful. It’s like velvet on top of rock. Your body is so freaking awesome.” He smiled, and laid back and enjoyed. I remembered a previous conversation — friction on a partially sticky cock is not cool, but a bunch of fluid or bone dry are both nice. So I enjoyed the feel against my dry hand for a while.

“Oops. You’re not entirely dry anymore.”

“No, no I’m not.”

So I took him in my mouth. Oh, the yumminess. I took him in and out, keeping my lips on his shaft. My mouth was watering, and his head slipped past my tongue just a few times before he leapt up and pressed himself down on top of me, pushing me flat on my back.

His kiss took my breath away.

He reached between my legs. I assumed I’d be slow to respond tonight, with the levels of stress we’ve had. “Am I wet yet?”

“Not much. Let’s change that.”

He hopped down to put his face between my legs.

The next few minutes are a shimmering, swimming blur. I know he blew his warm breath against my exposed clit, and I know he pressed his whole mouth against me as he looked up and met my gaze. I know I told him once that I had to press my legs against something; he left his head right where it was, and said to go for it. I bucked and pressed, and shivered.

After a while, he asked me where I wanted to be licked, sucked, or anything else I could think of. I had him lick at the entrance to my vagina, to press his tongue against those folds. Then I asked him to lick just above my clit, a place that gets a lot of action when I’m jacking myself off. Then, he leaned in and sucked, hard, moving his tongue all across my clit as he did so. I assented by way of inarticulate moan, and he kept doing that until I came, deep waves pressing taut all the muscles in my thighs and arms. I reached for the wall above my head, and shook.

He pressed his cheek against my thigh and ran his hands along my skin while I rested for a moment. Eventually I sat up, hungry, and groped for him. “Fuck me.”

He sat up on his knees while I slid my hips down to him. He grabbed for my ankles to make sure they were on his shoulders, and I gazed at him through the familiar frame of my legs.

He slid his cock inside my pussy, and I delighted at feeling right again.

He soon lay down on me, kissing and nibbling my neck. I kissed his ear, and watched as my arm fell across his shoulder differently than before. He pressed in hard and stayed there. I relaxed, deeply. I marveled at all the familiar curves of his back and ass. I squeezed his cock as hard as I could, and he would thrust in deeper. I ran my nails down his back, and he’d grunt more fervently in my ear.

Somehow, his hair began to fall on me in new ways, shaped the space between us differently. My breathing slowed. His face softened, and he looked at me. Something fluttered in him, and I told him so. “I can see God behind your eyes.” He smiled, and gazed at me as he kept fucking me.

He took the longest time for each thrust. Slowly, deliberately, he caressed my inner walls with his cock, pulling out more slowly than I could imagine being capable of, and pushing back in at the same tempo.

There were so much, so many places, so many worlds between each thrust. On one long one pull, as he nearly left me, I whimpered, “No… come back, come back.”

“I’m not going anywhere,” he assured me, and he pushed fully inside me again.

I lost all sense of space, and felt us transforming, unfolding and refolding with each stroke. Each deep kiss of his cock brought so much with it, I felt myself close to coming. My stoned mystical self was briefly joined by a curious, practical voice, that wondered what this orgasm would feel like… whether to ask him to keep moving slowly or to quicken our fucking. The next time he entered me, he brought a huge wave with him that cascaded up to the top of my head. By the time it passed my eyes and I could see again, his hair fell across my face as he groaned into my neck, bucking quickly into me. I held on for dear life and thanked God for the chance.

New Position and Weekend Update

Gabe and I will soon be heading out to Houston for the weekend to see family and friends. We’ll be staying at my Dad’s house, so my expectation is that we won’t be updating our porn blog for the next couple days.

But before we go, let me tell you about this. A few nights ago, Gabe and I were both in need of the laziest possible sexual position we could find! After a few seconds of yummy 69 licking while laying on our sides, Gabe stayed in that position, while I got on my back and threw my legs over him (one leg over his hip, the other over his knees). He slid his cock into me and ooooohhhhhhhhh, it was so very nice. It worked better if I picked my knees up and bent them a considerable amount, resting my heels against him instead of my calves. The angles were delicious. We both had intense orgasms with minimal physical effort. You can’t beat that!


Oh, y’all, it was so awesome!!! Gabe and I had an amazing experience with each other a few nights ago. It started with him running his hands all over my body. I breathed in and out slowly… and he ran his hands across my skin all up and down my arms, legs, stomach, pussy. We looked in each other’s eyes, and it was enough to make me cry. Then we started kissing… and more.  We wandered into some delightful new positions!

The Lotus Series – Pussy Penetration (intermediate)
Our first – oh, say four – positions were all variations on me sitting in his lap while we both sat on the bed. We tried our legs tight around each other, with me fully in his lap, like this — quite lovely, but generally not sustainable with a larger receiving partner like me. Then his legs slowly inched out from under me while mine loosened as well. We eventually ended up in something like this, which was very pleasurable. I found them all sensual, and a nice way to simmer along at low heat while enjoying each others’ skin and eyes.

Lotus Fellatio (beginner)
That’s what I’m calling this one until I find a picture of it somewhere. No one seems to mention it! It is now my favorite way to fellate him – and that’s already a favorite activity of mine.

Imagine the second picture from the Lotus series above, except my legs are under his and I’m bent in half. Gabe was laying on the bed, on his back with his legs spread. I was between his legs – but I wasn’t on my knees, the way I often am while giving him head in bed. I was on my ass, legs under his and curled in with my toes near his ribs, bent over with my face to his cock. It was really fabulous.

Kneeling near him is fine and fairly comfortable. But it tilts my head backwards, closing off the back of my mouth, and often restricts my access to his balls. Plus, a lot of my weight’s on my hands, restricting my movement and control in general. In this “lotus” position, my center of gravity was down in my hips, so my entire arms were free to wander all over his body, or to assist me in playing with his cock. I could get to most of his balls, and I could take him deeply and easily into my mouth. I felt I had a tremendous amount of control and flexibility. Also, there was less tension in my shoulders. I really think this would often be a fabulous position to start one’s fellatio practice.

Flipped Missionary – Girl on Top (intermediate)
I took Gabe’s cock back into my pussy at that point, starting in a cowgirl position. Then, after my thighs stiffened up pretty quickly, he suggested I slide my legs back until we were in a missionary position, but with him underneath. While I’m not sure the missionaries would find it kosher, I really, REALLY liked it. Oh my, yes.

This takes a little experience to align properly, and to keep aligned while the girl thrusts. But oh boy is it worth it. All that pussy stimulation, and aaaaaall that clit stimulation! I was reminded of my earliest masturbation delights, when I just rubbed myself against bed, sink, whatever I could find. In this case, it was a handsome, handsome man, who was also inside me. Oh my!

Location Location Location!

Here’s the first of many notes on positions we’ve recently tried. Please add your own observations!

Cowgirl/Pussy Penetration (beginner)
I won’t lie. I was very nervous when we first did this position, and probably would have named it “advanced” at the time. It’s now one of my favorites.

A good way to ease into this, especially if you’re a BBW, is to put your weight on both of your hands and one knee, with him underneath you, and let him guide himself into position. Then plant the other knee and go for it.

With just a little communication and practice, I learned the range of motion where his cock is comfortable (bending him too far was a worry of mine). He guided my hips for a while, until I figured out how best to grind into him (hurting him by doing that wrong was another worry). There’s a whole host of delightful angles I can put him in through slight adjustments in position, so I can focus on whatever part of my vagina I fancy. I can sit straight up and ride him like a pony, and feel gravity jiggling me straight down, or I can lean forward against him for kissing and all kinds of body contact. My leg position controls penetration; also, my fleshy volume around my thighs means an ever-so-slightly shallower penetration, which can be useful if your partner’s long like Gabe.

It’s a favorite position of his too, of course — why wouldn’t it be? He can relax while I do all the work… unless he wants to start thrusting hard. At which point, I’m riding a bucking pony. Which is giggle-tastic.

Reverse Anal Cowgirl (intermediate)
Now, while I may have taken quickly to anal penetration, I think we would still be in single digits on our total anal adventures. Also, I’ve been under some stress, and relaxation isn’t always easy. This position was a snap, however. I climbed on top of Gabe backwards, my hips roughly above his thighs and bent over with some weight on my elbows. He took my hips in his hands and guided himself and my backside toward one another in proper alignment, while I leaned up. Benefits to this position: he could easily spank me (mrowr); my clit rubbed against his balls (we both vote YES on that); I remained relatively relaxed (which is always a good thing for early anal).

Sixty-Nine (intermediate)
I hadn’t tried this before, and my expectation from how-to manuals was that it usually wasn’t worth it. Writers would say that varying partner heights complicate things, and that splitting your focus between giving stimulation and receiving sensation can hinder both.

ALL LIES, I TELL YOU! Well, at least for us. Gabe told me to sit backwards on his face, and he went to town licking and poking in heavenly ways all down that crevice of mine. I may have been slightly upright for a while, but then I noticed his yummy cock was right there, so I took it into my mouth. I was already highly aroused, and was often too busy writhing to focus specifically on some of his pleasure spots. I came, he did not. He assures me, though, that it was a very pleasurable experience for him to have his cock in my mouth while I came.

If you’re not hung up on simultaneous orgasm, and you’re sure you can avoid doing harm to whatever’s close to your mouth when you come, I encourage you to experiment with this the next time your partner wants you to sit on their face.

Any experiences of your own to share on these positions? 😀