Oh, y’all, it was so awesome!!! Gabe and I had an amazing experience with each other a few nights ago. It started with him running his hands all over my body. I breathed in and out slowly… and he ran his hands across my skin all up and down my arms, legs, stomach, pussy. We looked in each other’s eyes, and it was enough to make me cry. Then we started kissing… and more.  We wandered into some delightful new positions!

The Lotus Series – Pussy Penetration (intermediate)
Our first – oh, say four – positions were all variations on me sitting in his lap while we both sat on the bed. We tried our legs tight around each other, with me fully in his lap, like this — quite lovely, but generally not sustainable with a larger receiving partner like me. Then his legs slowly inched out from under me while mine loosened as well. We eventually ended up in something like this, which was very pleasurable. I found them all sensual, and a nice way to simmer along at low heat while enjoying each others’ skin and eyes.

Lotus Fellatio (beginner)
That’s what I’m calling this one until I find a picture of it somewhere. No one seems to mention it! It is now my favorite way to fellate him – and that’s already a favorite activity of mine.

Imagine the second picture from the Lotus series above, except my legs are under his and I’m bent in half. Gabe was laying on the bed, on his back with his legs spread. I was between his legs – but I wasn’t on my knees, the way I often am while giving him head in bed. I was on my ass, legs under his and curled in with my toes near his ribs, bent over with my face to his cock. It was really fabulous.

Kneeling near him is fine and fairly comfortable. But it tilts my head backwards, closing off the back of my mouth, and often restricts my access to his balls. Plus, a lot of my weight’s on my hands, restricting my movement and control in general. In this “lotus” position, my center of gravity was down in my hips, so my entire arms were free to wander all over his body, or to assist me in playing with his cock. I could get to most of his balls, and I could take him deeply and easily into my mouth. I felt I had a tremendous amount of control and flexibility. Also, there was less tension in my shoulders. I really think this would often be a fabulous position to start one’s fellatio practice.

Flipped Missionary – Girl on Top (intermediate)
I took Gabe’s cock back into my pussy at that point, starting in a cowgirl position. Then, after my thighs stiffened up pretty quickly, he suggested I slide my legs back until we were in a missionary position, but with him underneath. While I’m not sure the missionaries would find it kosher, I really, REALLY liked it. Oh my, yes.

This takes a little experience to align properly, and to keep aligned while the girl thrusts. But oh boy is it worth it. All that pussy stimulation, and aaaaaall that clit stimulation! I was reminded of my earliest masturbation delights, when I just rubbed myself against bed, sink, whatever I could find. In this case, it was a handsome, handsome man, who was also inside me. Oh my!

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