Location Location Location!

Here’s the first of many notes on positions we’ve recently tried. Please add your own observations!

Cowgirl/Pussy Penetration (beginner)
I won’t lie. I was very nervous when we first did this position, and probably would have named it “advanced” at the time. It’s now one of my favorites.

A good way to ease into this, especially if you’re a BBW, is to put your weight on both of your hands and one knee, with him underneath you, and let him guide himself into position. Then plant the other knee and go for it.

With just a little communication and practice, I learned the range of motion where his cock is comfortable (bending him too far was a worry of mine). He guided my hips for a while, until I figured out how best to grind into him (hurting him by doing that wrong was another worry). There’s a whole host of delightful angles I can put him in through slight adjustments in position, so I can focus on whatever part of my vagina I fancy. I can sit straight up and ride him like a pony, and feel gravity jiggling me straight down, or I can lean forward against him for kissing and all kinds of body contact. My leg position controls penetration; also, my fleshy volume around my thighs means an ever-so-slightly shallower penetration, which can be useful if your partner’s long like Gabe.

It’s a favorite position of his too, of course — why wouldn’t it be? He can relax while I do all the work… unless he wants to start thrusting hard. At which point, I’m riding a bucking pony. Which is giggle-tastic.

Reverse Anal Cowgirl (intermediate)
Now, while I may have taken quickly to anal penetration, I think we would still be in single digits on our total anal adventures. Also, I’ve been under some stress, and relaxation isn’t always easy. This position was a snap, however. I climbed on top of Gabe backwards, my hips roughly above his thighs and bent over with some weight on my elbows. He took my hips in his hands and guided himself and my backside toward one another in proper alignment, while I leaned up. Benefits to this position: he could easily spank me (mrowr); my clit rubbed against his balls (we both vote YES on that); I remained relatively relaxed (which is always a good thing for early anal).

Sixty-Nine (intermediate)
I hadn’t tried this before, and my expectation from how-to manuals was that it usually wasn’t worth it. Writers would say that varying partner heights complicate things, and that splitting your focus between giving stimulation and receiving sensation can hinder both.

ALL LIES, I TELL YOU! Well, at least for us. Gabe told me to sit backwards on his face, and he went to town licking and poking in heavenly ways all down that crevice of mine. I may have been slightly upright for a while, but then I noticed his yummy cock was right there, so I took it into my mouth. I was already highly aroused, and was often too busy writhing to focus specifically on some of his pleasure spots. I came, he did not. He assures me, though, that it was a very pleasurable experience for him to have his cock in my mouth while I came.

If you’re not hung up on simultaneous orgasm, and you’re sure you can avoid doing harm to whatever’s close to your mouth when you come, I encourage you to experiment with this the next time your partner wants you to sit on their face.

Any experiences of your own to share on these positions? 😀


2 Responses to “Location Location Location!”

  1. Senbonzakura Says:
    May 15th, 2008 at 6:14 am

    Hi :),

    Cowgirl position (amazone) is the most beautifull to watch/do. Elizabeth is a definatly a bBW. I would love to see her but in this position. Slowly massaging his dick with her vagina. The girl leaning to the boy and then kissing each other. While the boy is kissing her in the neck/lips or ears and stroking the back of the girl. Grabbing the ass. Stroking the hips. Definatly my favourite position.

    The same for missionary. But this time the woman is stroking the back of the man.

    Doggystyle is also very nice. Grabbing the hips and watch her ass in motion as you pound her. Stroking her back and thighs. The you grab her to you. You both are then on the knees. The boy can easily lick her neck/ears and rub her clit or grab her tits while he keeps (slowly) fucking her.

    These are my requests :P.
    Again sorry for my “bad english”.

    Hope to see it soon, bye 🙂

  2. Senbonzakura Says:
    May 15th, 2008 at 6:40 am

    correction 😛
    I would love to see her buTT in this position. A round and soft butt 😀

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