I’m Monoromantic, But Still a Slut :-)

I feel as though Gabe and I have entered into another stage of things for us. First, there was a calf-ripping uphill climb of work to do, as we started and built our framework from scratch. Then, there was a long pleasant plateau. Gabe continued dating a sweetheart, and he and I bonded more and got settled in and decided what to do with our furniture.

Now is chapter 3… discovering where our desires and boundaries are around sexual activity with others, together. It involves more work again, and more proximity to old triggers… but it’s much more laid back, less panic-ridden than the previous work. It’s also interwoven with a lot more fun, more of a sense of security, and we stand on a previously built foundation of shared understanding and trust.

We’re exploring a variety of situations… from relational to anonymous, from voyeurism to hands-on threesomes. We have lots of conversations about trying on and guessing and wondering and hypothetical situations; though one can never fully know until a situation arises, these exploratory conversations are important.

I enjoy the idea of sharing specific details here, but one of the things stopping me is that I find it much more difficult to translate these experiences into words. There’s so many new levels of input coming in! I’m progressing on using all my new senses, though, and I know Gabe has some things he’s writing. We’ll probably manage something posted on it soon. I know you’ll be hearing more about the Jasmine Club in NOLA. We visited Friday night, and had a truly fabulous time.

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