You probably already know this, but Mollena rocks

I try to limit the amount of posts I make here that consist of “OMG, go read this!” without any real original content from me. Sometimes, though, there’s a post that’s just worth doing that. So seriously, go read Mollena’s The FatGirl Pervert Rants

I recently saw a post on FetLife calling for demo bottoms. Since this was for an event I’m attending, I was eager to volunteer. Then I read the post. The instructor specifically asked for slender models, because (and I am paraphrasing a bit) fuller-figured people’s skin doesn’t clamp / pinch easily.

I was really angry. And a bit stung.

Then I stopped myself.

How the fuck do we, an alternative outlier community, fail to see that all people being represented is far better then some people being represented?

Then I sat there pinching myself.

Quite literally.

I found it was pretty easy to grab skin on some areas, tougher on others. I imagine that to be the case with anyone.

To my jaundiced eye, this smacked of “Look, I don’t wanna play with fat girls so I’ll say something about how it is critical for the class so that I don’t have to reject a bunch of fat people.”

I’m fuming, thinking “So…your class is on “playing with thin people”? You are specifically EXCLUDING an entire class of folks because of their size? What happens to the person in class who is fat, has a fat partner, or might play with a fat person? You have no info for them? Why not have a few demo bottoms? Why not just put your your fucking call for bottoms and pick who you want without being so OBVIOUSLY exclusionary? What if you were teaching a goddanmed class and said “No brown skinned people because the marks don’t show up as well on dark people.” ?!?!”

But then…I didn’t say anything. Because I thought I was being hypersensitive.

Now, I wish I had.

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  1. Dreamss Says:
    July 24th, 2009 at 12:15 am

    Me too!! I might add that skin depends on the person, not the size. When I was growing up, I never had tight skin. Kind of a good thing, when growing from pregnancy, I got so few stretch marks. I have known people, really small petite people with tight skin. If my skin is too tight, we can always stretch it, like we do other body parts…

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