Great Sex

This might not be the most coherent post. Gabe and I just had some amazing sex. I want to be sure and tell you about it, though, because we overcame what could have been a couple obstacles to have it.

The first obstacle was a vague sort of blurginess. We’ve both had a beyond-the-pale, utterly exhausting couple of weeks. We’ve been drained. Often we’ve been ill with various problems. Though we’re recovering, I still didn’t know if I’d work right, or be able to stay positive and focused on us. Do you ever get nervous about being intimate after having been sick? I do.

The other, bigger obstacle was that Gabe had a mild migraine-type headache earlier today. His medicine had helped eliminate the pain after a while… but the medicine is also a vasoconstrictor, which reduces blood flow in the body. It makes it difficult-to-impossible to achieve an erection, and the sensations are different and sometimes far less pleasurable (or even painful).

Gabe still initiated some sexing time. He figured he could at least enjoy my body. I’m thankful for that determination on his part. If it’s only my head that’s in my way, I can hear him ask if I want to have sex, and the answer is immediately “YES!”. He got creative, and put on my harness and picked a strap-on dildo! It turns out it was comfortable for him, and it was certainly exciting, different and pleasurable for me. I had one orgasm with him on top, and one with him penetrating my pussy from behind me (a rather rare position for me to come in, actually). Somewhere in there I also climbed on top of him and rode the dildo.

Then, we explored what I could do with my mouth on his cock that would be pleasurable for him in his state. Sucking worked just fine, and I enjoyed doing that until he asked me to climb on board. With me on top of him and his cock inside me, he went somewhere blissful, and came hard.

The touching and kissing that we engaged in throughout the whole thing was relaxing, stress-relieving, centering, delightful, and deeply connective. We were lucky and found a way for both of us to come, but the whole thing – all of it – was a profoundly nurturing and healing experience. Don’t ever forget if your plans have been changed, and you think you can’t do one particular sex act, that moving forward with faith and delight can lead you lovely places.

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  1. Dreamss Says:
    July 24th, 2009 at 12:10 am

    It was interesting and sweet at the same time. I did find myself smiling and feeling some of the things you described. Thanks

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