Exponential Relationships

I’m pretty sure that everyone reading this knows that I have two important, ongoing relationships, the one with my partner Elizabeth and the one with my girlfriend, Red August. The dynamic between the three of us has been really fantastic pretty much from the beginning, and I’m so happy that I’ve got these amazing people in my life, and that they get along so wonderfully. Recent experiences (some of which led to my last post on introversion) made me aware of just how amazing it is that we manage each other the way that we do.

Recently my girlfriend and one of her dear friends came and spent the weekend with us. I happen to have a bit (okay, a lot) of a crush on this friend, and it turns out it’s not exactly a unrequited crush. So I spent the weekend with two girls I love and one I really quite adore (even moreso now). The rapid crush escalation was a form of NRE, and I hear it was just dripping off me throughout that weekend. But with all four of us in the house I became aware of just how many relationships were going on. We all have varying levels of friendship, romantic involvement and sexual involvement and interest in one another, which threw the varying relationships into stark view. So for the moment lets label each of us with a number, and list the various relationship configurations.

We’ve got:

So four people create 11 separate relationships to be managed among the four of us. Fascinating!

So that means that on a day to day basis in the house we’ve got 1 relationship going. When Red August comes to visit we’ve got 4. When all four of us were here we had 11 different relationships, all with different histories and different levels of involvement. And we all made it through the weekend without any serious damage! We were exhausted, yes. But we were happy too, I think.

I’m admittedly nervous about being able to handle that many relationships, but I’m proud of what we did, and I’m excited about what we may do in the future. We’re learning what we need to deal with that much at once. It might be a rough road every once in a while, but I’m pretty sure it’s worth it.

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  1. TheShorty Says:
    August 23rd, 2009 at 5:27 am

    It made my brain hurt just trying to make sure your calculations were right.

    *takes an ibuprofen*

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