My Anomalous Faith

My faith has come up several times recently in conversation, as out Christians are apparently rather thin on the ground in the kink world. Often I’m met with questions like “How does that work?”

To me, there’s nothing to work out, nothing to reconcile. I don’t believe there is a Christian sexual ethic. I believe there are Christian ethics, based on love of one another, that should be applied to the way we approach sex. In that context the question isn’t about promiscuity or power or good, old fashioned beatings. It’s about me asking “Am I recognizing the divine in this person? How can I best interact with them in love?”

And if I can answer the former with a “Yes,” then sometimes the answer to the latter is, “With a good, old fashioned beating.”

This passage from a recent article, Rethinking the Resurrection sums up well why reconciling my sexuality with my faith is so far from my radar.

As I walked through the week, I realized that Christianity was not based on a system with maxims, but a Person with a story, a story full of drama and humor and uncalled-for love. And this story could be a guide to me and to others, calling us out of our petty existences to love the world, not with our thoughts but with our actions.

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