It’s time to share some linkage. No, not that kind!

This first link… makes me so very sad. Apparently, the Australian Ratings Board is having an effect on the rates of certain plastic surgeries in the country. Some actresses are essentially having their labia minora removed in order to fit the Board’s definition of “discreet genitalia” for a film to qualify as soft core porn. This is an example to me of the profound damage that can happen when crass commercialization in porn intersects with a body-negative culture. (Sociological Images is a site I’d generally recommend as thoughtful and thought-provoking, though the main blogger is, for the most part, anti-pornography.)

Sociological Images: How A Ratings Board Is Driving Rates Of Cosmetic Surgery


The second link is a lovely photo. I came across it stumbling, and it’s a great way to cap off May as National Masturbation Month:

Masturbation Motivational


Lastly, I’m a big fan of weddings that are a unique and inspired reflection of the parties getting married. Here’s what can happen when someone in the family is circus royalty (LOTS of large photos):

Amy and Jesse part one
Amy and Jesse part two

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