Day 3 of Kink: Discovery

The questions for “30 Days of Kink” can be found here. Play along at home! We’d love to see your answers here or on your own blog.

Day 3: How did you discover you were kinky?

Gabe: By my mid-20’s I had never even considered doing anything terribly kinky. I had some friends online, though, who were into kink. I started developing an appreciation for certain fetish aesthetics, but it didn’t do anything for me… until one day it did. Suddenly d/s was on my radar, with sadism sort of following after. I can’t say what flipped the switch exactly. Sadly, it would be years before I got any real experience with it. For some time I was stuck with only erotica and vicarious experiences through friends. That was enough to have my appetite thoroughly whetted by the time Elizabeth and I started dating.


Elizabeth: I had friends that were into kink since my early 20’s, and some things they mentioned began seeping into my list of things I was curious about. Bondage and sensation play both seemed interesting, but I didn’t find a way into it for a long time. I found a fuck buddy in my late 20’s that, it turns out, had a tickle fetish: he liked tying girls up and tickling them. We played some and I branched off from there. I stayed in the lighter stuff until I met Gabe.

LOL, I’m quite amused to realize that the internet had almost nothing to do with my discovery process. I may be alone in that among my close friends.

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