Day 10 of Kink: Hard Limits

The questions for “30 Days of Kink” can be found here. Play along at home! We’d love to see your answers here or on your own blog.

Day 10: What are your hard limits?

Elizabeth: Many of my hard limits are emotional in nature. I don’t do things that feel damaging to me (or that I feel will damage others). I may get put in my place, in a sexy way, but I don’t do humiliation or degradation. I don’t receive punishment from anyone for actions I’ve chosen to take; those choices are mine to make and no one’s to judge. I’m not going to humiliate or degrade someone else, or do anything that feels to me that it is damaging to their personhood.

For activity-based hard limits, I don’t expect to ever be interested in scat, vomit or animals. I have a work history in the medical field, and my disinterest in medical scenes almost borders on a hard limit. I really don’t like drawing blood, mine or others, and don’t expect that to change anytime soon (though menstrual blood’s not a limit). I don’t like needles, or sounds. I dislike cock-and-ball torture. I have asthma, and find actual breath constraint to be a big turn-off (though I like the psychological impact of a hand gently around my throat).

Gabe: I don’t do scat or vomit. I refuse the type of submission that would have me making all of someone’s decisions for them. Anything glorifying or fetishizing the military or police is an instant boner-killer. I don’t do dubious consent. Anything else I can think of is at least open for negotiation. I don’t receive pain or domination, but that’s more a preference than a limit. I’m not opposed to it. It just doesn’t do anything for me.

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