So… umm… Hi?

Hi! 🙂 I’m Kristi. I’m Gabe’s girlfriend.

No, the other one.

To the left.

A little more…

Yeah, that one right there. That’s me.

I’m pretty constantly in random states of flux, so giving a good description of myself is pretty difficult. I’m an pansexual, possibly queer, label-loving, label-fucking, monoflexible, flirtatious, brainiac, Christian-but-not-THAT-kind-of-Christian, snark machine who doesn’t quite hit 5 feet on the height scale. I’m extroverted, shy, loud but not because I mean to be, not extremely crafty but learning, power player, dog lover, random thinker, ADD… wait… what was I talking about? Oh yeah… I’m a pain slut, a fighter, a lover, a smart ass, recovering anorexic with longstanding issues about my body, and sometimes submissive if you do it right. I’m sex positive and body positive when I do it right, and I’m always trying to do it right. I don’t fit into many, if any, molds that people create with their labels, yet I use them because they are useful. I find pleasure in figuring out how I can twist your label to its limits, so that it can still apply to me even if it doesn’t mean the same thing as you want it to. I enjoy pushing boundaries, thinking logically, and ignoring “emotions” as much as I can- which trust me, isn’t much at all. I believe that age doesn’t mean wisdom, it just means your parents had unprotected sex before mine did. I believe that happy things are awesome, and bad things are “emotions”, and try to avoid them at all costs. I believe God doesn’t make a lick of sense to humans because he is bigger than anything our minds can comprehend, yet I think he gets great pleasure in watching us love and enjoy what he’s given us as a species. I have one friend whom I have maintained frequent contact with from high school. I have my best friend whom I met in my sophomore year of college. I have Gabe and Elizabeth, and a handful of friends I am building on here in town. I’m the most popular unpopular kid you will ever meet- everyone knows me, most like me, not many like to admit they know and possibly like me. I’ve created my own little family of people who love me for me, and I’m finding contentment in that. I’m not used to contentment, so it’s an ongoing journey to identify what that feels like for me.

I own my own home, and am finding an amazing amount of satisfaction in learning to do things to care for it. It’s a hard responsibility, yes… but one I’m finding I enjoy more and more as I do things. I love figuring out how I, and soon we, can change things to fit what we want or need from this space, and make it the most welcoming and comforting place for us to be. That will play into the next post I write, so I figured I’d introduce it here. 😉

Okay… so that’s my version of the “introduce yourself in 5 sentences or less” game. I won, right?

Also, this is the first time I’ve been publishing anything on a blog like this… so if it ends up all wonky, bear with me, k? I’ve worked all night long, and my brain might be a little fried.

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