Mono/Poly Resources

It is my experience that any healthy relationship is countercultural, and that savvy participants will seek out continuous development in their relationship skills and regular inspiration for building creative, vibrant relationships. This involves not only reflecting on our own experiences, but also finding relevant outside resources somewhere, by conversation, book, and website. It means finding and evaluating other people’s ideas and seeing what fits and what doesn’t. It means finding brains that have contemplated a situation similar to ours, and may be able to offer new insights.

The polyamory communities are providing a lot of information for each other on all kinds of subjects, ranging from time management to jealousy and compersion/frubble. But mono folks in poly relationships (or mono folks considering going into one) don’t yet have a ready-made bank of information to go to, and it can be difficult to impossible to find the resources when one needs them. If you have a need to meet or a problem to solve, or simply want to know what to expect or what to ask yourself, where do you look? You might find something of value here.

Rules for Healthy Relationships

Questions to Ask

Benefits of being a Mono Dating a Poly



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